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  • Protein Takes Away Your Calcium
    Well we have another myth on our hands. Supposedly it is thought by many people, on the low carb diet, that you can actually have your calcium literally sucked out of your bones because of all the protein that you eat. S... Read Full Post
  • Not Getting Enough Fiber?
    It may be a bit hard to believe that you can actually get enough fiber while on a low carb diet, but it is possible. Now it may be a while before you notice this, but it will happen. Once you have been on the low carb di... Read Full Post
  • You Really Don’t Have To Exercise?
    Totally not true. I know that all of you may know that a low carb diet produces some pretty fast weight loss results in just the first two weeks, but you can’t forget that while you are losing the weight really fast, y... Read Full Post
  • Is It All Really Water Weight?
    Now this is a myth that quite a few people still believe and it includes the people that have been on the low carb diet for years. Well the fact of the matter is that during your first two weeks on a low carb diet, you a... Read Full Post
  • Myth: Low Carb diets Only Make You Eat Junk
    Now, as to how the low carb diet would make you eat junk, it has not been explained, but low carb can be a bit daunting to some. Most of this doubt comes from the fact that the diet tells you to eat things like bacon. Ba... Read Full Post
  • Berries: Naturally Healthy and Low Carb
    Berries are one of the nutritious foods around. It’s low in fat, carbs, and calories, but high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, these yummy nuggets of flavor not only contribute to overall health, but ma... Read Full Post
  • Low Carb Means Healthy Teeth
    That’s right. A low carb diet will pretty much guarantee you to have a healthy smile. Think about it, those who would cram loads of junk food into their mouths just satisfy that sweet tooth, often do not realize that t... Read Full Post
  • Try Some Chocolate Coconut Cookies
    Chocolate Coconut Cookies are not only a great dessert choice for people on low carb, but they are also a very “delicious” choice as well. The ingredients that you will need are coconut oil, unsweetened cocoa powder,... Read Full Post
  • Atkins Diet - an effective weight loss program
    Low carb diets have become very popular among all classes of the society, form famous to not-so-famous, when it comes to loosing weight. One of the best known in this diet category is the Atkins low carb diet, founded by... Read Full Post
  • A Low Carb Diet Program of your choice!
    Markets are overwhelmed with diet plans that will help you loose weight. The low carb diet has indeed become very popular these days and is undeniably the first and the most popular choice among the weight loss seekers t... Read Full Post


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