Our program (any plan you choose) is unique in these points:

1. No counting of any kind, no portion control, and no hunger

It's an All-You-Can-Eat program so our clients don't count anything - carbs, calories, or fat.

The food choices we offer naturally decrease appetite so our clients eat less without watching how much they eat as long as they stick to our food lists and meal plans.

We use a scientific formula to insure that the foods on our list are ketogenic foods. This way, our clients switch their metabolism from the carbohydrate biochemical pathway to the fat biochemical pathway - the only one that burns the body fat for fuel.

2. Exercise programs to create the negative calorie balance while insuring nutrients balance

Our exercise program is an organic part of the total plan.

The aerobic exercise program is designed to fortify the negative calorie balance and to prepare a safe introduction of the strength-training phase, which allows the broadening of food choices such as many nutrient-packed complex carbohydrate foods. We also help in developing the time-saving interval training phase, possible only after a sufficient level of aerobic and strength fitness is achieved.

3. Food choices are permanently expanded through flexible planning with feedback

Our weekly plans are flexible, with each plan based on the previous week's results.

The ways of eating we gradually develop for our clients are as different as their bodies are. Some of our dieters become vegetarians, yet others adhere to ones that are completely satisfying to them, no-count very low calorie plans, periodic fasts, or the one-meal-a-day plans.

4. Unconditional no-questions-asked 90 days money back guarantee

It means in the end, you pay only if you are completely satisfied. Our success rate is 93%

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Diet Experience

Here are TYPICAL testimonials (send us a request to talk to these people via email)

"I am so thrilled! I can't believe this is happening! I realize now, that I have never had this kind of success on another diet and I am very motivated to continue. " - Dawn

"My husband calculated that by the end of the first week, the boot camp paid us back in grocery savings. " - Marqueritta

"I have lost another 2 lbs and 1/4 inch for a total of 15 pounds and 2 inches" - Lloyd

"I think that this program is a great tool to help people go motivated, thanks for the help." - Cassandra

"I have been emailing with a nice helpful person. He or she has answered a lot of my questions." - Mary

"This program is great. The articles and information are a wonderful help. I have a lot of weight to lose & as long as the # on the scale keeps going down I have hope again. Thank you for all your support." - Michelle

"The thing I was most excited about w/this plan was the specifics: eat this, don't eat this. Give me lists and specific plans! The recipes are fabulous my friends raved about that mashed cauliflower..." - Naomi

"My hunger level went way down and I was in moderate to heavy ketosis most of the time; I'm surprised my cravings for sweet things was so easily suppressed" - Stephanie

"Week 10 and I am still loosing weight slowly like I want to. Hunger and cravings are still decreasing. My energy level is way up." - Judith

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