Atkins Diet. Long-term Results

Among those who reported for how long they kept the lost weight off, some could do it for as little as a few weeks yet there were a few others who never gained any weight back.

In the previous part, the Dr. Atkins Weight Loss Statistics, I posted the results of my analysis of over 600 dieters who reported their weight loss due to the diet.

Among those who reported for how long they kept the lost weight off, some could do it for as little as a few weeks yet there were a few others who never gained any weight back. On average, a successful Atkins dieter kept the lost weight off for 13.31 years.

Here are some excerpts from positive and negative opinions of Dr. Atkins dieters about long-term weight loss maintenance. I divided them into two categories: those who stayed in the maintenance phase and those who have "fallen off the wagon." Important is, that there was no reports on gaining weight despite of staying on the diet.

On the diet

This is the first diet that I've been able to maintain my weight

I have used the high protein/low-zero carb regimen since 1972 and have had NO PROBLEMS

I have lost 30 pounds and full expect to be on some version of this plan for the rest of my life.

I have been on the Atkin's diet for 5 years now.

It has been my lifestyle diet for almost 5 years - I feel wonderful and full of energy.

I lost 80 Lbs., and have kept it off for the last 7 years.

Dr. Atkins diet has enabled me to MAINTAIN my weight for over 18 months.

I dropped 30 lbs. and four inches from my waistline the first six months and have easily stayed at 200 lb. since then.

Through the winter I had gone on and off it and still maintained my weight

I have "sinned" 4 times. Two bowls of cereal after I reached my max carbs. Ate high carb meals twice. The effect of my indulgence, none. My progress has slowed down but never has it gone backwards

I have to admit I have eaten off the diet a few times, but have not fallen off the weight reduction.

I have often "fallen off the wagon" in the past 5 months, but find I can quickly get back to the diet and at the worst maintain my weight at @ 265 - 270#.

Off the diet

Weight loss results are temporary

The problem with this diet is that if you go off of it any weight you lose seems to come back double.

Just maintained for a month. I felt tired and frustrated. I gained it all back and some on top of that.

My wife and lost 20 pounds each over a year ago and haven't had any trouble keeping it off.

My mother and father both went on this diet back in the 70's and lost weight in great amounts and STILL have kept it off

My husband has also lost a great amount (55 lbs.) a year ago and hasn't gained an ounce back.

Went off and only gained back 5 of those pounds.

I quickly lost 70 pounds, went off the diet and gained back 35 of them.

I lost 45lbs after 6 months and then gained 60 after being off of it only 6 months

At first no weight gain... Than as we acquired a taste for the starches again, the swelling appeared, the overwhelming feeling, the forgetfulness, than the 3:00 tired syndrome

I stopped doing the diet because of all the bad hype and decided to join Weight Watchers. As soon as I did that, I noticed my desire for carbs and junk was back in full force.

Now, whenever I get to feeling like I've gained a few pounds (especially after the holidays) I know that there is a sure-fire, painless way to get back on track!


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