Hunza Bread

Just one or two small pieces of bread would ruin a person's appetite for 5 or 6 hours. Is this a low-carb recipe?


"Like so many great discoveries in medicine, This "miracle" bread was discovered "almost by accident". Aleen Colvin, wife of a Swedish health researcher, was trying to modify a 2,000-year-old, high roughage bread recipe used by the little known people of Hunza, who were being studied by her husband."

"The Hunzas are widely known to be the healthiest people on earth. Their bread is the main part of their diet. Aleen was trying to make this bread even better tasting so that her children would eat it and benefit healthwise. She succeeded in coming up with a recipe that was absolutely delicious. Everybody loved it. But, then a startling discovery was made. Just one or two small pieces of bread would ruin a person's appetite for 5 or 6 hours!"

Now, is this a low-carb recipe?

Let's see. I would violate copyright giving out the entire recipe set but I can give you the figures I found myself for the basic recipe ingredients.

To calculate carb grams for serving:

1. Subtract Fiber grams from Carb grams for any two of the flowers - you receive two Net gram numbers
2. Add these two Net gram numbers for entire recipe.
3. Divide the result by 20 (the number of flat breads in the recipe)

Nutrients in Kunza Bread
Nutrients in Kunza Bread made with 2 cups of combination of flours listed here --> Sunflower Seeds Oat Bran Buckwheat Flour Millet Flour Triticale Flour Whole Wheat Flour
1 cup 1 cup 1 cups 1 cup 1 cups 1 cups
Calories 820.8 228.78 402 756 439.4 406.5
Protein (g) 32.83 16.09 15.12 22 17.16 16.44
Fat (g) 71.42 6.51 3.72 8.4 2.34 2.28
Carb (g) 27.07 61.57 84.72 145.8 95.03 87.12
Fiber (g) 15.12 14.32 12 17 18.98 14.64
Saturated Fat (g) 7.49 1.24 0.81 1.44 0.42 0.38
Monounsaturated Fat (g) 13.62 2.21
1.14 1.54 0.23 0.27
Polyunsaturated Fat (g) 47.15 2.58 1.14 4.26 1.02 0.93

As you can see, it can be considered a low carb bread, naturally low carb. It allows experimentation and can be further de-carbed. The weight loss program based on this bread and its modifications reminded me the Fat Fast method (click here). Together, this does makes sense to me and I am going to try and write here what happens.


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