Health Benefits of Low Carb Diets

Here are a few notes from our Banta Diet trial (read more of these --> click here)

"I am so thrilled! I can't believe this is happening! I realize now, that I have never had this kind of success on another diet and I am very motivated to continue." - Dawn (lost 11 pounds in 1 week)

"My energy level is, I think, better then it has been. I'm not as tired anymore and it seems I get more done." - Sue (lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks)

"My hunger level went way down and I was in moderate to heavy ketosis most of the time; I'm surprised my cravings for sweet things were so easily suppressed." - Stephanie

"LESS hungry NO cravings, a little more energy." - Bernales (lost 2 pounds and 1.5 inches in one week)

These are excerpts from reports by real Atkins dieters (I've collected about 459 of them while bding a guide for weight loss at

* I feel great and my energy level has increased. I don't feel sluggish anymore.
* No more mood swings, brain fog, confusion or depression.
* I feel healthier, more energy (can keep up with the kids, yeah!) and smarter.
* I have a much higher energy level as well as a much more pleasant disposition.
* I have lots of energy and a lot more self-esteem.
* I am sleeping like a teenager, and I had sleep apnoea before starting the diet.
* I sleep better and I have more energy than my16-year-old daughter does.
* I'm so infused with energy that I climb the stairs at work without huffing and puffing.
* My energy had increased! Muscle tone had improved even though I wasn't going to the gym.
* When I am eating according to program I feel so much better, sleep better and have more energy.
* After the first 3 days the increase in energy was unbelievable, the mental fog and Monday morning blues were gone.
* I have more energy and feel like I'm in control of my appetite.
* I have had a sense of inner peace that I simply can't explain.
* My mood swings have lifted and I'm a much happier person overall.
* I felt better, had more energy, no more brain-fog and I did not feel tired and worn out at the end of the day.

Can a Low-Carb Diet Improve Health Conditions?

In my above-mentioned survey, 247 participants reported one ormore effects beyond weight loss or even in its absence. There were 347 reports about improvements:

* hunger disappearance or appetite decrease (78)
* improvement of diabetes symptoms (69)
* mood improvement and energy level increase (58)
* absence of cravings (49)
* joint and muscle improvement (25)
* disappearance of headaches (21)
* muscle gain (12)
* disappearance of fungal/yeast infections (11)
* disappearance of heartburn, bloating (10)
* improvement in thyroid condition (9)
* improvement in ability to exercise (5)

There were 15 reports about appearance of negative symptoms:

* increase in cravings for high-carb foods (6)
* Inability to exercise (5)
* Low-carb foods dissatisfaction (4)

How Long did Atkins Dieters Keep Their Weight Off?

Among those of my community members who reported their long-term weight loss, some kept it off for as little as a few weeks; a few otherssay they?ve never gained any of the weight back. On average, a successful Atkins dieter keeps the lost weight off for 13.31 years.

What Are the Clinical Findings of the Ketogenic Diet?

Positive effects of the Ketogenic diet on the following conditions were cited in peer-reviewed medical journals:

* The best-documented effect is drug-free control of seizures.
* The diet significantly improved such defects as impairments in speech and movement control in neurological patients.
* The diet slowed down the progression of certain types of tumors.
* The diet slowed down glucose metabolism in tumors.
* The diet improved mood and new skill development in cancer patients.
* The diet corrected the metabolic defect that was due to a rather rare disease (Mitochondriasis), causing a deficit of energy production by cells.
* The diet corrected the deficiency of energy regulating enzyme called Phosphofructokinase.
What Are the Most Common Complaints About Low-Carb Diets?

There were 15 reports about appearance of negative symptoms:

* increase in cravings for high-carb foods (6)
* Inability to exercise (5)
* Low-carb foods dissatisfaction (4)

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